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Confederate Medical Records

National Archives Sources

Compiled Service Records
Unlike their Union counterparts, there is no separate collection of carded military records for Confederate soldiers.  Instead, you should look to the compiled service records for medical information. These records consist of a card or cards containing information abstracted from such original records as muster rolls, regimental returns, and medical and prison registers.

Textual Records
There are other sources of Confederate medical records in the Records of the Medical Department found in Record Group 109, War Department Collection of Confederate Records.  These generally contain very little information on a specific soldier.  However, if you are researching medical personnel, these can be extremely helpful.  These records include:

Hospital Records
Medical Personnel Records
Records of the Medical Directors
Records of the Surgeon’s General Office
Records of Medical Purveyors

Note: Onsite researchers must request these collections in the consultant's office. The consultants can help you with your request, and may be able to suggest related records that will be helpful in your research.

For a interesting and informative article on Confederate Medical Personnel and related records, see  Confederate Medical Personnel by DeAnne Blanton in Prologue Magazine.

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Other Sources

Confederate Pension Files
Be sure to check and see if the soldier has a pension file.  These records often contain information on illnesses, woundings and hospitalizations, especially if the medical condition resulted in a permanent disability.

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State Archives
State archives often have collections of medical records for regiments that served from their state.